Four Fun Things

Cup of Jo highlighted Brooklyn’s rainbows and we could all do with a few rainbows in our lives right now.

Daily walks with Tilly – time to enjoy her attitude to life.

Birdsong in West London is now clearly audible thanks to the lack of road traffic, Tube trains and aircraft overhead.

Never was memory keeping so important as a social history. I like the feeling of being ahead of the game. As part of his home schooling timetable, I’ve asked The Boy Child to complete another Project Life-style journal covering the time his school is closed … so it could be 4 weeks long or it could be nearer to 12 weeks long. See InACreativeBubble for a few topical freebies.

8 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. This is certainly a time that needs documenting and there is lots to document as the days unfold. I have a feeling that this could be a long home school period so hope that your journal idea fills plenty of hours!
    And yes, let’s all try and see this time through the eyes of a dog!

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  2. Thanks for the link to those printable cards. Rainbows are one of the front window themes this week for the kid’s neighbourhood scavenger walk, so we will be seeing lots I’m sure. Like Tilly, my fur girls don’t notice anything different, so life carries on. The Ontario teachers are just getting organized to finish the school year (ends in June) on line. This will be a challenge because many students won’t have access to computers particularly in homes where one or both parents are working from home. For rural areas (I’m one) the computer lines/connections are slow at the best of times. Rainbows, look for rainbows …

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  3. That’s a lovely, positive list and thank-you. Tilly looks so wonderfully unconcerned, doesn’t she! So glad you are able to hear Nature’s sounds so much more clearly .. I look at the birds flitting around the garden, nest-building and worm-pulling and marvel at how Nature is just pottering along doing her thing. We really are unimportant, us human beings, in the grand scheme of things.

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    1. It’s good that this is happening now (if there ever is a good time for an occurrence like this!), because at least we can see Spring becoming Summer – the natural world just quietly keeping keeping on.


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