Covid-19 | From The Boy Child's Perspective

“When I hear the word Coronavirus, I feel a bit worried. Even as I write this on a sunny Monday morning, I am still anxious about it. I know that the chances of getting it as a child are slim, but I am nervous. Very soon London {and the wider UK} will be in lock-down, but I also know that sooner or later, it will end.

I say this to everyone out there – if we follow the advice and do what the government says, we can beat Coronavirus. #stayhomesavelives.”

The above was written by The Boy Child on Monday, 23 March, as part of the very first home school English lesson. I felt that by asking to write down how he’s feeling was a way to help to lessen his anxiety over Covid-19 and the Coronavirus.

What the image above doesn’t show is just how much his stimming has increased these last few weeks and it doesn’t show how much he was self-harming by scratching at the back of his hands until they were red raw.

13 thoughts on “Covid-19 | From The Boy Child's Perspective

  1. Please thank TBC for sharing his thoughts about Coronavirus, I think we all feel that sense of worry & he’s correct, staying home save lives & it will only be temporary. Developing ways to self care that are not harmful, is a challenge & I am sure will be a priority for you & TBC over the coming days. I like your Home School sign, creative & cheerful.

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  2. Hello young man, we live in very worrying times and all of us are feeling scared. We have a fantastic NHS and the support services will keep everything running as smoothly as possible. If we all play our part, stay at home and avoid any contact with others this virus will weaken. This will pass. If you are feeling very worried you could try writing your thoughts down, I find it helpful, it gets the worries out. Your mum and dad will always listen too. Sending you all good wishes, Carole.

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  3. Hello to you, young gentleman, and thank-you for your thoughtful and positive sharing of your thoughts. You are doing everything you can, and I hope you will feel able to relax a bit and enjoy some nice things too. Our best help is our loved ones and I know how much your Mum loves you from her blog (and you Dad too, I am sure), so you have such a good strong foundation for getting through this already. Sending you warm good wishes – and I love your ‘home school’ notice. How creative is your family!

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    1. TBC has read your comment and says thank you for taking the time to send him a reply. He also said that he can tell you are a very lovely person.
      He also confused you initially with the virtual PA thingy that is very popular … “What? Did the Alexa thingy reply to my post?”
      It made me laugh …


  4. How interesting to see this situation through the eyes of a teenager, thank you for sharing your feelings. I think we’re all feeling a bit confused at the moment, and it’s not surprising that we are all a bit more anxious than we would normally be. We’ve never had to be so careful before. Hopefully if we all do as we are told and stay home, get a bit of fresh air and exercise with a well behaved dog, this time will pass and we can get back to our normal way of life.
    How lucky you are to be safely at home with your family, keep well and keep safe x

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  5. It’s so wonderful to read TBC’s perspective … and, I agree, all this change & uncertainty can cause lots of anxiety. We all have to make good choices & follow the guidelines set by our governments. (I’m in Texas, USA, and we are having to stay-at-home right now, too.)

    It makes me think of Albus Dumbledore’s comment, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Right now, we ALL have to make choices that are best for everyone so we can slow the spread of this virus & get things back to normal.

    Dumbledore also said, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” So, I’m working on looking for the “light” happy things – like I get to spend lots of time with my hubby since he’s working from home and we can still take walks in our neighborhood and enjoy the sunshine and there’s lots of time for reading (and scrapbooking!). There are also companies offering free things for us to do at home like listen to books on Audible ( and tour museums virtually (

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