Social Distancing and What It Might Mean for Content

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What now for This West London Life?  If we’re not going anywhere, what will I write about?

The lunch we were throwing for family and close friends to mark The Boy Child becoming a teenager?  Cancelled.

The Road Trip to Bruges in Belgium during the Easter holidays?  Cancelled.

The return visit to Jersey at the end of May?  Cancelled.

Weekday Walks?  None planned.

But what you can expect to see is a lot more home-orientated content as we settle into this new normal of being close to home. Expect more recipes, home reorganization posts, tips for staying sane while working from home.

There’ll be the regularly planned content as well, of course … scrapbooking, Project Life, One Photo|Twenty Words and For the Love of Books … but I suspect that as the weeks go by, I’ll be posting less regularly.

And do send me your own suggestions for surviving this peculiar time.  This is uncharted territory for us all, but together we can try to make the best of it.

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11 thoughts on “Social Distancing and What It Might Mean for Content

  1. I honestly think that it is so important for us all to continue as much normality as we can, so I shall be looking forward to your blog posts as usual. It is easy to get bogged down in the negativity of new regimes so we need to have positive things to concentrate on. I’m not a negative kind of person, and always try to find a positive way of viewing things, but yesterday I slumped. Every time I saw a news report it was just depressing and I fear for those struggling with mental health issues as if it is affecting me, as a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, how on earth are they coping?

    I had my last Zumba class for a while, I knew it would be a safe environment as it is a very large hall and most of my class are over 70 so wouldn’t be going. Sure enough, there were just 10 of us ‘youngsters’, we turned the music up loud, opened doors and windows and danced our little hearts out. Boy did that feel better! Our teacher is going to be running Facebook live sessions so we can still dance around at home – such a good idea. Did you know Joe Wicks is going to be doing a kids 9am PE lesson online every day starting next week? And there’s always a dog who is up for a walk – fresh air and exercise is so important to breaking up a day cooped up at home.
    Maybe it’s time for us to start a few more ‘memes’ – like Sian used to organise! Let’s keep our little blog land community smiling!

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  2. I agree with both the above comments. Trying to keep to routine is important, I make sure I’m not languishing in pajamas all day, daily walks especially when I feel my anxiety rise – & does it ever! I have visited a few online museums & there lots of those travel sites that do short clips of places. I’ve sourced a few online exercise classes, including yoga & mediation. I am part of my church’s pastoral care team so I’m doing 2-3 calls on the senior’s of our church, I try to make sure I’m positive, have a few funny things to tell them. There’s lots of online church services. I am keeping count of the phrases and/or memes that are coming out of this world wide situation. Our neighbourhood facebook (I know you’re not on) has organized the twice a week scavenger hunt walks for kids – today is funny faces in the windows for the kids to count. At 7:30pm everyone stands on their front steps to clap or bang a pot to say thank you to first responders & front line workers, I don’t think we’ll be like the Italians with singing to each other. But there’s ways to feel connected, we just have to dig deep to find them. I have one thing I’m doing to make my self feel better & I’ll be writing about that on my Monday post. Plus today is the first day of Spring – it is officially the season of renewal. We can do this; together – apart.

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    1. I really like the idea of people on their front steps banging their pots together at an agreed time. Re the email I’ve just sent you – perhaps you could include that?


  3. As I had taken a little blogging break, I’m finding I have lots to post. And I’m being very productive with scrapbooking and crafting, so that will provide content for a while. It’s still seems very early in the process for us as we’ve only been encouraged to practice social distancing for a week, although I’ve been staying in for over 10 days now (hoping to protect my immune system after that pneumonia bout last year).

    As Deb mentioned, I worry about those with mental illnesses … so I spend some time each day on the phone checking on my family members, sharing information or funny stories or asking what they are working on. I feel somewhat useless at times, honestly, so I’m working to find little ways to brighten other people’s days right now. (I’ll share about that in the post you emailed about, ok.)

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  4. Waving to you, Ruth! Yes, changed daily experience might mean changed blogging themes … I’m looking forward to all of yours :). I’ve been wondering about re-launching Simply A Moment, perhaps on a weekly or fortnightly basis if anyone is interested in a meme … Here we are in new (and self-isolating) territory as some family members join us for a while and I suddenly find myself very, very busy!

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    1. Waving back at you! Yes to re-launching Simply a Moment – I was going to drop you a line to see if I could run it … hope you are well and managing the self-isolating. Take care.


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