The Last Hurrah Before Social Distancing

A friend of ours is about to turn 40 years old and thankfully chose to hold her birthday brunch early – the gathering was probably the last social gathering for quite a while. #socialdistancing.

Our friend has been through quite a tough few years and it was lovely to see her welcome her forthcoming decade with grace and style.

Obviously, the current situation meant that we were were all much more restrained in how we greeted each other – some, like the birthday girl, were happy to hug, while others were content to bump elbows.

It was just what was needed prior to the possibility of the country shutting down and the prospect of weeks at home.

8 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah Before Social Distancing

  1. What a lovely idea, that display of food has made me feel hungry. Fab photos Ruth, I love the one of you taking the photo with a glass of champers in hand!
    It’s such a shame that gatherings like that have had to be put on hold, but if we are all sensible, then this will pass sooner. Our son in law’s friend had to cancel his forthcoming wedding last week which must be heartbreaking and I am sure there will be many more in such a dilemma.
    Keep safe, enjoy the opportunity to enjoy exercise through long dog walks – the gym and the swimming pool can wait! I do hope that the constant depressing news updates is not impacting on TBC too much.

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    1. I stopped going to the gym on Monday – the gym is saying that they’re open and have put lots of measures in place, but no mention of how to manage the changing room environment – almost impossible to social distance in there!
      TBC is highly anxious and stressed … and today is Day 1 of no proper school. Home schooling begins Monday …


  2. I like all of Amanda’s pink celebration. Oh that yummy spread of food, now I want cake! Nice photo of you, TBC & your friend.

    Did you know that Cathy Z & Ali Edwards are both offering free online workshops – they are some of their older classes.

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    1. I never knew that Amanda liked pink so much – didn’t she look gorgeous!
      The photo of my hands and iPhone was set up by the pro photographer after he spotted me taking the shot … it came out brilliantly, didn’t it.
      Yes, I’ve seen both CZ and Ali offering free access to classes and the girl behind In a Creative Bubble is offering Covid-19 Project Life style cards for free.


  3. Looks like a lovely event! So glad y’all were able to get out for that as it does appear we’ll all be home for some time. I haven’t been out socially in 10 days & all is well. After that bout with pneumonia last year, I’m not taking any chances with my immune system & doing my part to flatten the curve here in Texas.

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