Falling from Grace

It was a rare sunny morning and there I was, minding my own business, when wham!

I was spreadeagled, face down, in the middle of the road. Somehow I’d missed my footing stepping down from the kerb and, as the kids say, face planted the tarmac.

It hurt.

It hurt a lot.

There was blood. I had the shakes from the huge adrenaline rush. There were tears. There was snot.

Luckily, The Brainy One was with me, as we were heading to the park with Tilly. Also, lots of people stopped and offered help – from the workman at the pub to the lady who pulled over in her car and offered assistance. Strangers were incredibly kind.

My biggest concern? Not the blood. Nor the duck-egg sized bump on my forehead. My brand new glasses, as the impact of the fall snapped off the left hand arm and scratched the lens. The opticians, however, were utterly brilliant. That very afternoon, they replaced the frames and repaired the lens, and didn’t charge me a penny.

Three days on and I’m a talking point, both with friends and strangers. It looks worse than it feels. And, for someone in her early 50s, I have my very first black eye.

The fall was in no way the fault of Tilly, but life might have been a little less painful if we owned a cat .

15 thoughts on “Falling from Grace

  1. Oh dear! Very painful. Hope you recover quickly. People are kind, they rush to help. Good job by the opticians. Incidentally, my friend tripped over her cat and broke her arm!

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    1. Is it wrong of me to have laughed when I read the cat part of your comment?
      The black eye is almost gone, just the bruised knees remaining!


  2. Doesn’t it shake you up, falling over once you are a grown up? How lucky the opticians were able to work their magic speedily with your new glasses. Hopefully the rest of your injuries will heal quickly x

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  3. OH Ruth that does look like it was quite painful. What a scary moment for you & thank goodness TBO was with you. Thankfully lots of kindness surrounded you. I’m glad you are on the mend. Now speaking one scrapbooker to another, how are you going to record this? (col). I think I’ve solved that Blogger photo issue … technology is my friend X 10000000

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  4. Oh Ruth, what a shock that must have been :(. Horrible … You are very fortunate (I know that’s not a word you might use in these circumstances) that the only broken thing was your glasses. Hoping that you are now recovering and feeling less shaken-up, and that the men in your life are running round looking after you :).

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    1. I’m very much on the mend, thank you. The black eye is all but gone (but still have a small bump on my forehead). The Falling from Grace title was an attempt to make light of it.


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