Date Afternoon With The Boy Child

The Boy Child and I recently went on a date afternoon – we went to lunch at my club and then onto a concert at Royal Festival Hall.

He thought it was funny that my pre-lunch Aperol Spritz matched his jumper.

I had the traditional Sunday roast – turkey with extra gravy – and The Boy child chose a burger with chips and green leaf salad. I couldn’t persuade him to order a roast.

The Boy Child is not a great conversationalist during meal times, but he makes up for it with his willingness to be photographed.

The concert at Festival Hall was Simply Sinatra starring Matt Ford, Alison Jiear and the London Concert Orchestra It was pretty much a re-run of the concert we’d gone to in 2017, but that didn’t mean we enjoyed it any the less.

Listening to superb singers belt out big band classics is not a bad way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon in February.

9 thoughts on “Date Afternoon With The Boy Child

    1. It was very tasty, although the potatoes were a little on the hard side and I had to ask for extra gravy (because I’m Northern and we like a lot of gravy!).


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