What Do You Like About Yourself?

Here’s a confession … I mostly read the Cup of Jo blog for the readers’ comments. And in reply to this recent post, What Do You Like About Yourself?, the comments were amazing, funny, poignant and thought provoking, all rolled into one.

Here are a few of the things I like about myself:

I’m resilient.

I’m a good friend.

I’m an excellent multi-tasker.

I’m good at organising things.

My teeth!

I am comfortable in my own skin (and with the silver strands in my hair).

What do you like about yourself?

7 thoughts on “What Do You Like About Yourself?

  1. WOW – that is a full on question & a good one to ask. I think you should add to your list, creative, artistic, fun Mum & adventurous … traits I pick up from reading your blog posts. My quick response to this would be I like my ears, they are a nice shape & level.

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  2. This is always an interesting question. I like your answers – you have personality traits & physical traits & skills that you like about yourself! I most like my smile, my ability to organize anything, and my ability to encourage others.

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  3. Very thoughtful … and I would have added ‘smiley’, ‘open and honest’, ‘creative’ and ‘organized’ to your list :). Me? Hmmm. I like to think I am empathic and compassionate …

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