For the Love of Books | Currently Reading February 2020

My reading focus in February was one just one novel. I read it twice, I enjoyed it that much.

My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan (Kindle and paperback): Let me begin with saying that I loved this so much, I purchased it in two formats: initially on Kindle and then in paperback. Why did I do that? Because there were several parts of the text I wanted to take my highlighter to and highlighting text on a Kindle just doesn’t cut it.

“Our memories of places, much like people, are subject to our own adaptation process. Once the active living is done, and they pass into memory, we assume control of the narrative. We adapt it, sometimes without meaning to. This is, perhaps, the one advantage of death: when people die, they can live on in our memory as we choose, but places continue to exist, to change.”

Based on the cover of this book, I imagined a light-hearted romantic comedy set in one of my favorite UK cities and while it ended up being very different than I expected, I still loved it!

Although I would have liked a little more character development, I honestly didn’t mind that there was a pretty big shift in tone about halfway through. It took the book from something a little bit fluffy and fun into more thought-provoking territory.

I loved the romance and the heroine’s own personal journey. But my favorite part, of course, was the setting. Whelan definitely captured everything I love about Oxford and left me planning another day trip in the near future.

And speaking of Whelan, I don’t want to forget to mention that while this is her debut novel, you might be familiar with her work as an audiobook narrator.

7 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Currently Reading February 2020

  1. That’s quite an endorsement – I will check with our library to see if I can get. That quote is quite powerful. For me The Thirteen Tale was like that & sometimes owning a particular book is the only option, so that we visit with friends (characters) and locations any time we need.

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      1. Yeah the library has so I’ve put in a request. All our library branches are closed today because of the bad weather – snow squalls & white out conditions 😦

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