Frugal February | A Month of No Buying

During February of last year, I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t considered necessary – no to new clothes, no to new books, no to slices of cake in our local dog-friendly café.

I’ve just completed another Frugal February and I feel good about it. It’s been good practice to pause and actively consider whether a purchase is essential – most of the time, it hasn’t been. I’ve saved money, but what of the purchases that I did make …

Printer ink.

12×12 white cardstock.

6×4 photo printer paper.

(There’s a theme there, isn’t there?)

This jumper (with 15% off).

So while Fugal February can’t be considered an unqualified success, I was much more aware of the purchases I did make and paused first.

8 thoughts on “Frugal February | A Month of No Buying

  1. Well done & yes I saw the memory keeping theme … The world needs all of us to pause before purchasing. It’s because we haven’t that the business of decluttering is booming & mindful retreats are popular – IMO.

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  2. I seemed to save a lot of money by not clicking on links in emails since the January sales! I’ve tried the tactic of putting things in a ‘shopping cart’ and then closing down the webpage. If, when I wake up the next day, I still want to buy it, I can go back and complete the sale but I honestly haven’t gone back to many pages to buy things!
    Good to see that you have not denied yourself anything ‘essential’!

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    1. I use the ‘save for later’ option quite a bit and then end up deleting those items months later. The jumper from Seasalt was purchased at the second attempt – I’d said no in the Circencester store on the Monday and succumbed in the Cambridge store on the Friday!


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