Project Life Revisited | Weeks 7 and 8

Week 7:

Storm Ciara brought a tree down onto our neighbour’s house (no-one was hurt, thankfully). There’s a new kitchen at the planning and design stage. We attended Cachirulo’s 5th birthday party. There are additional photos and journaling behind the 6×4 photo (You can just see the top of The Colombian’s head). The 3×4 journaling card now flips up in order to hold more journaling.

Week 8:

I went with a double spread for half-term week. We went on a day trip to Cirencester. The Boy Child and I went on a weekday walk around Belgravia. The Boy Child and I visited the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens. The Brainy One went to Cambridge for work and we accompanied him. The Boy Child, Tilly and I met up with the lovely Deb of Deb’s World.

All journaling and filler cards from In a Creative Bubble.

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 7 and 8

  1. I always enjoy seeing blog friends get together! Your PL is looking very varied and full of nice things and events – and some lovely blossoms too. Surely Spring can’t be long?

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  2. I am thrilled to be included in your lovely album!
    A new kitchen? How exciting! So much fun in the planning and designing stage – not so much fun while it is actually being done but lovely when you see the end result, well worth every penny!

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    1. You were always going to be in there – a bright spot amidst the drabness of wet and windy Cambridge!
      Kitchen is still very much at the planning stage …


  3. Sad that your neighbours lost a tree but thankfully no one injured. You are rocking this new size & style of PL. Oh a new kitchen – a total gut & re-do, or what we would call refacing the cabinets? (painting, staining).

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