Orchid Festival | Kew Gardens

This year’s the 25th Annual Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens celebrates the diversity of Indonesia. Over 5,000 species of orchids can be found in Indonesia; the Festival is celebrating the cultural and natural diversity that is scattered across the country’s archipelago of 17,504 islands.

The Festival is on until Sunday, 8 March 2020. Entry is included in the ticket price, but you will need to book a time slot for entry.

7 thoughts on “Orchid Festival | Kew Gardens

  1. Beautiful flowers. It’s nice to showcase another part of the world, it helps us relate more. The only local orchid displays that I’m aware of are at garden centres but still I think a nice way to spend an hour on a winter’s dreary day.

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  2. I saw an article on this on The One Show and so much work goes into these displays – but oh how pretty the end result is! I do love orchids, they are the best kind of houseplant for me as they thrive on neglect and I’m prone to overlook watering!

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