Weekday Walks | Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

Found just around the corner from Victoria Coach Station, Elizabeth Street might just be the loveliest street in London. With many of its buildings dating back to the 1860s, the street is full of listed architecture. It shows off the elegance Belgravia is known for and provides a great backdrop for the shops and restaurants that line the road.

Elizabeth Street has become increasingly popular in recent years following a floral facade trend that’s taken London by storm. This street is the epicenter of it, and people flock to the shops to take in the blooms and photograph them. However, if you trot along on a chilly Tuesday morning during February half-term, you’re likely to be in luck and find it fairly quiet.

The displays change seasonally, so it’s worth coming back again and again to see them and check what’s new.

Corner piece at Beulah

Some shops update their flowers quarterly, some do temporary arrangements for special seasons, holidays, or events, and others do pop-up floral art on an ad hoc basis.

My walk began and ended at Victoria Underground Station.

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13 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

  1. I’ve seen quite a few Instagrammers posing outside that cake shop – it’s just so pretty isn’t it? It must be lovely to have the talent to produce such beautiful floral displays!

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  2. Smelling salts please on this walk as I’d be swooning at every door! Gorgeous displays. I went to the dress shoppe’s web site, there I nearly passed out at the dress prices … but I do like their socially responsible program.

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