Project Life Revisited | Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5:

It was a peculiar week. The Brainy One was away in Marrakech. I was still reeling from the news of a friend’s death and subsequently spent a fair bit of time arranging travel plans and accommodation so I could attend his funeral. And the UK finally and formally left the EU.

Week 6:

A week of highs and lows – an evening out with friends in town and the funeral of a life-long friend.

Journaling Project Life cards from Becky Higgins (designed by Cathy Zielske) and In a Creative Bubble.

2 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 5 and 6

  1. Certainly a tough couple of weeks for you. I thought the photo of Leaving The EU was quite a good descriptive representation; the lines, the cracks, the star being chiseled out. Of course for this one, only history will tell whether in the end it was a good or bad decision but certainly difficult for those living it now. I also wonder this about our hot bed of news regarding the blockades across the country; who is right, whose rights are being trampled on, what action is the correct one?

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