Scrapping in 2020 #2

I filled in the few remaining blanks in our 2019 album …

The Festival of Remembrance:

And I then reworked a few spreads for The Boy Child’s revamped album

First passport photo:

Worn out through play:

First visit to Santa:

What have you been creating?

6 thoughts on “Scrapping in 2020 #2

  1. I absolutely love that Festival of Remembrance layout – perfect! What a good idea to rework some of the older photos of TBC (or should he now be TT – The Teenager?)

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  2. I know from your previous posts how important the remembering of the sacrifices of others is for you, and your page is a great witness to that. TBC/TT’s pages are so pretty and bright and cheerful! Am I noticing a greater use of white space?

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  3. I can only imagine how uplifting & emotional the Remembrance Day services were. Nice layout to remember. You are making great headway on the revamp project of TBC’s album. These are definitely reflecting your true scrapping style.

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