Project Life Revisited | Weeks 1 and 2

Two weeks into the new year and this smaller size of 8×8 is working for me. I don’t need a photo for all seven days, I can just cherry pick the stories I want to tell.

Week 1:

The cards are a mix of ‘proper’ Project Life product (designed by the fabulous Cathy Zielske) and downloads from In a Creative Bubble. I added hidden journaling where necessary.

Week 2:

As it was a busy week with a fair bit happening, I added an extra 6×8 divided pocket page. I also decided to include the news story of Australia’s bush fires. (UK readers can make a donation here.) And as in Week 1, I added hidden journaling to tell the full story of what was going on in the photos.

I don’t currently plan to formally number each week; the dates will suffice and I can live with the wonky stamping.

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 1 and 2

  1. Sorry to read about the difficulties for your little canine companion :(. Your card seems to indicate a very positive start to 2020! I like how you’ve made the photo itself into a pocket.

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  2. I also like your your hidden journaling method. Hope that Tilly is now right as rain. TBC now a teenager, another sign that life is moving way too fast.

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  3. You have a teenager in the family? Oh my, now I’m feeling old, seems like only yesterday he was starting school!
    Pleased to hear that Tilly is feeling better, having a poorly pup is not nice at all. I bet she’s a tiny bit disappointed that the special chicken meals have finished and she’s back on ‘normal’ dog food!

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