What’s Your Oldest Item of Clothing?

It was late September in 1987 and I was spending the day in Chester with Mum and The Auntie. I was on a month’s disembarkation leave after a tour in the Falkland Islands with the RAF.

We wandered in through the door of the small Benetton boutique and it caught my eye almost immediately. I could hear Mum and The Auntie muttering to each other … “everything is so expensive in here!”

They weren’t wrong about the prices. I looked at the price tag and audibly gulped. It was £44.

Always worn with a white polo shirt, collar up. Circa 1990.

But I bought it anyway. I wore it regularly for five years or more, less regularly for a few more years after that and then it went into the bottom of the drawer.

Where it still lives.

I’ve nobly modelled it for you and channelled the turned-up-collar vibe alongside the pushed-sleeves-up vibe of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The late Diana, Princess of Wales had a lot to answer for.

I can’t imagine an occasion where I’d ever wear it again, but I also can’t imagine a time when it wasn’t in the bottom of that drawer.

What’s your oldest piece of clothing?

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11 thoughts on “What’s Your Oldest Item of Clothing?

  1. And there’s the reason why to buy quality. You obviously have taken (washing) care of this sweater, which on this side of the pond wouldn’t be out of place … it looks cosy & warm. All fashion cycles around, so have it ready.

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    1. After years in a bottom drawer, it’s a little on the stiff side! It’s also too big (and probably always was) and the sleeves are actually too short.


  2. I used to love Benetton – such colourful clothes, and that is a fab jumper.
    This has reminded me that I have a Sweater Shop jumper at the back of my wardrobe, from a similar era. I used to wear it a lot in the early 90s when I used to spend many Sunday mornings on the touchline of Jon’s football club – Brr!
    I do still have a fair isle jumper that I knitted in about 1978 and although I’ll never wear it again, I can’t throw it away because I remember how many hours I spent knitting it 😉

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    1. I just looked up Fair Isle Jumper (sweater) … did not know it’s a knitting technique. I had several of those made for me, unfortunately no longer own but two I remember the colour combinations as WOW.


  3. It seems such a shame that those lovely colours (and you suit them so well) will not see the light of day again … The suggestion above of making it into a pillow/cushion sounds a nice idea? I have two pairs of Gabor shoes from 1985 – the uppers are still absolutely fine but the rubber soles have perished and I have not been able to find anyone who can repair them :(.

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  4. What a great memory & story about your sweater! I have several items that Grandma or Mama made for me when I was in my early 20s that now live in the bottom of the cedar chest … I can’t imagine not having them.

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