15 Things I’m Planning on Doing Throughout 2020

Sometimes, as much as we want to have an endless amount of excitement and cheer for a new year, it’s dreadful. While it can seem like new beginnings and fresh starts for some of us, a new year can also feel like a starting point for a necessary change. There’s so much pressure to make the best resolutions and goals, and that pressure is often surrounded by things like “drink more water” and “lose weight.”

While those are certainly valid resolutions to have and strive for, it can make starting a new year feel like a burden when you’ve set high expectations for yourself.

Instead of heading into the new year with a set of lofty goals that will, in truth, only disappoint me, I’m planning on many small steps to be my healthiest and happiest self this year:

Saying no to the things that don’t serve me.

Changing our bed more often.

Clearing out our wardrobes.

Drinking a glass of water several times a time.

Focusing on friendships.

Tracking my daily step count.

Texting a loved one a compliment out of the blue.

Putting my phone away after supper.

Not being afraid to say no to drinking alcohol.

Unfollowing people on Instagram who don’t share my values.

Planning a holiday.

Updating my to-be-read list.

Walking everywhere, when possible.

Buying flowers.

Cutting out snacking between meals.

13 thoughts on “15 Things I’m Planning on Doing Throughout 2020

  1. Little steps sound eminently achievable across a whole year. I really like your mix of self and other aims … Here’s to gentle beginnings, steady progress and end-of-year satisfaction :).

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  2. I believe you are on to something. If my memory serves me at all, I remember that during Lent last year you gave up snacks & had great results & it did not seem a hardship. Based on that, I stopped buying crackers to munch on.

    In a book I recently read, Atomic Habits, about changing habits (either creating new or stopping bad) the author talked about improvements of small increments, 1% to see lasting results.

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    1. My mum always said that a habit took 6 weeks to form, so it stood to reason that it would take another 6 weeks to break it. But overall, I think small steps are key to forming or redefining habits.


  3. These all sound very do-able and things we could all do with copying! I am trying my best to make meal plans for the week and follow them – hopefully this will mean fewer supermarket trips as I will know what I want for the week. Also continuing to reduce our red meat consumption and having one vegetarian day a week (it helps that Paul is very good at cooking risotto so an evening off cooking for me too!). I am also aiming to complement someone each day – I used to work with someone who would always say something to boost your confidence when she saw you. Even if it was just ‘I really like the colour of your nail varnish’ or ‘the colour of that scarf really suits you’ – it really does make a difference.

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    1. Ah, menu planning … that should be on my list, bringing it to 16 things. We’re also trying to have more non-meat meals – risotto is there.


  4. Fabulous list of intentions!

    I’m taking the entire month of January to really think about what I want this year to look like, how I’ll relate to my word (HEALTH), and where I’ll put my focus. It’s been really relaxing not trying to start something new at the beginning of the year.

    Best of luck with your list!

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