A Year of Thanking | 4th Quarter Review and Final Thoughts

Enthusiasm for this project definitely waned throughout the final quarter of 2019, but I did send 8 more letters.

One went to an author.

Five went to friends/family.

Two went to individuals who had gone above and beyond in providing services.

All eight were sent via the Royal Mail, with California as the furthest destination.

The one to California was returned to me, marked addressee unknown. This was a letter I’d written to an author and I’d sourced her mailing address via her Social Media manager.

In total I wrote 41 thank-you letters in 2019, below my target of one letter a week. I think that taken as a whole, it was a worthwhile endeavour, if only to make a dent in my hoard of stationary. Only a few letters went unacknowledged.

8 thoughts on “A Year of Thanking | 4th Quarter Review and Final Thoughts

  1. 41 letters is an amazing achievement – never underestimate the power of a ‘thank you’! I used to work in the Passenger Relations department of a holiday tour operator which was more or less complaints, but how we loved receiving any thank you letters from people who had thoroughly enjoyed their holiday. I can tell you that they were always answered first! At the time there was a BT advert that made us smile, do you remember the penguins in the Chop Chop Busy Busy Work Work Bang Bang clip?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bnWLTI-QmE

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    1. Thank you. I think I’ll be better at a handwritten note than previous years. Although I send Happy Mail every month, most of it has been for a birthday, anniversary, etc and not just because. I used to send a lot of postcards, but stopped when Mum died. She’s been gone 4 years next month, so maybe it’s time to start that again …


  2. I have so admired your commitment to sending -thank-you’ letters … My daughter and one of her closest friends, now in their mid-30s, have been sending each other handwritten letters since they went to university. It’s such a lost art, and very much appreciated.

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  3. That’s a wonderful accomplishment & such a nice thoughtful gesture! Last week I sent out some happy mail and took time to write a nice note to each recipient (as opposed to “hope you enjoy this happy mail”). I really want to send more happy mail this year – it was so much FUN getting those packages ready. Congrats on sending so many thank yous last year!

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