Favourite Words

In a podcast by Stacy Julian, possibly the one with Ali Edwards, she talked about writing a list of her favourite 50 something words. The number was significant because it matched the age she had just reached.

I thought that was such a great idea. I began my list on the 20th September last year and as this post goes live, I am eight words short of my age total … who knew that listing favourite words would be difficult and prolonged?

On my list, in no particular order, I have words ranging from archipelago (my very favourite word) to passport to Paraquat (simply because I like how it sounds when said aloud) and diaspora

What words would be on your list?

14 thoughts on “Favourite Words

  1. My favourite words include: Exacerbate, fabulous, aardvark, armadillo, intensify, mither, grandmother and passionate. That took me a while! I am going to try to make a list of 50.

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  2. Words such powerful things; to heal or hurt, to help, to hinder. I’m not sure which words would make my list & being that it is forecasted for freezing rain all weekend, maybe this is a good exercise for indoors. I like plethora …

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  3. Oh this is an interesting thing to do! So many words to choose from. Maybe I had better make a start now, after all, I have 10 extra ones to find if we’re going by birthdays 😉

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  4. Now that’s a interesting challenge … I think some of mine might be because of the associations they have, and others simply because I like the sound of the word. My first thoughts were weather-associated words: ‘mild’ and ‘warm’!

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  5. I remember that podcast episode & thought at the time that it would be hard to choose the words. Great job taking the inspiration & getting your list written down and almost complete. I’d definitely have travel & books & yellow & FUN on my list … and a few southern colloquialisms like “y’all” & “fixin’ to”. 🙂

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