One Little Word | Pause in 2020

Twenty twenty marks our 10th year of One Little Word.

This year’s word came to me last August, as we drove down the autobahn from Belgium into Luxembourg.


Noun: intermission; a temporary stop; a temporary stop in action or speech.

Verb: to make a pause.

I plan to incorporate our One Little Word into our family life in a number of ways … for example, pausing before I speak when I am cross, and pausing to take in what is going on around me/us.

What word will you carry with you throughout 2020?

Our previous words are here:

2019: Thrive; 2018: Nourish; 2017: Nourish; 2016: Fortitude; 2015: Give; 2014: {Be} More; 2013: Change; 2012: Enjoy; 2011: Better.

17 thoughts on “One Little Word | Pause in 2020

  1. What a wonderful word! Hoping it serves you well this year, and looking forward to hearing more about you and it. The leaders of the nations of the world could do with making this their word for the year also.

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  2. Good OLW for you & the family. I think there is great strength in the word Pause, the moment between inhale & exhale ,,,
    … and I couldn’t agree more with Alexa about the leaders of the world taking a moment, a pause before they speak or act.

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  3. What a great choice of word – and one which I think I could benefit from considering! It’s so easy to react immediately to things, when taking a moment to stop, think and consider is often what is really needed.

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  4. What a great word. I think we could all use a little more PAUSE in our lives.

    My word is HEALTH … and I’m making a slow start this year as I contemplate how I want this word to look and what intentions & goals I’ll set. I want to focus on physical, spiritual, emotional & relational health.

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