Month in Numbers | December 2019

As we get to grips with 2020, a new decade and thinking about packing away Christmas, let’s see how the numbers for December looked:

First time I’ve added an additional 6×12 spread

13 more Christmas cards written and 54 Christmas cards were posted.

I took Tilly out 52 times.

I wrote 3 more letters as part of my Year of Thanking Project.

9 Jars of Cranberry Sauce made.

30 Christmas presents wrapped.

The Boy Child had to write 21 thank-you notes for the gifts he received.

26,667 – highest Daily Step Count.

1 mini scrapbook page created.

2 overnight visitors.

25 days of December Daily completed.

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

8 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | December 2019

  1. Over 26,000 steps in one day – wow! That is impressive. I’m also impressed that TBC had written 21 thank you notes before the end of the month, my two used to be awful about doing their thank you letters!

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