OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

Three more spreads have been added to the One Little Word traveler’s notebook:

The Ceremony of the Keys:

The Festival of Remembrance:

And, last but not least, Tilly’s family reunion:

There’s just one double page left – perfect for Christmas and wrapping up a year of thriving.

6 thoughts on “OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

  1. You have been very diligent in keeping your Thrive theme and a record of it in your life this year. Such a lot of lovely memories you’ve made too. What I could see of the canine anatomy made me smile.


  2. You have done well to leave 2 pages at the end for Christmas. I particularly like your fold out pages for Tilly’s family reunion. As a side note … I chuckled out loud at Elvis’s high jinx riding that little reindeer (from Insta).

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