Five Ways to Give Back this Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving, right?  It can, however, also be the season where everything becomes a little too hectic and you lose sight of what’s important.  The Brainy One and I have given to charity all year round for all of our married life, but for the last few years we have stepped things up a gear.

Here are five ways to embrace the season of giving:

  1. Donate money or dry foodstuffs to a food bank.  We donate cash to the food bank where my brother-in-law is a trustee and cooker of Christmas lunch for 50+ homeless people, and we donate a basket of groceries at our local supermarket.
  2. Donate a Christmas gift to a charity local to you or fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  3. We’re supporting the Metropolitan Police’s Christmas Appeal again this year.  I buy a couple of books for a boy the same age as The Boy Child.
  4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, although this is sometimes not as easy as it might sound.  Many charities are overwhelmed to the numbers willing to volunteer over the Christmas period and may request financial assistance instead.
  5. Donate a pint of blood.  Supplies often run low over the Christmas period, so maybe consider donating a pint as a Christmas gift to yourself.  I’m donating on Christmas Eve.  British readers can find out more here.
  6. Invite someone you know to Christmas lunch.  By this, I mean invite someone you know outside of your family or immediate friendship group.  An elderly neighbour, perhaps, or someone who doesn’t have a family to spend the festive season with.  Mum and I used to invite someone from her church for Christmas lunch.  It turned out he was great company and he subsequently became a good friend.

9 thoughts on “Five Ways to Give Back this Christmas

  1. A very timely reminder. All good ways to give back. It seems the need is becoming greater & greater each year, especially for charities that have had their funding budgets cut. Mr Man & I tend to gravitate towards the animal rescues as their numbers go up significantly after the holidays when many “dump” the pet they were given as a Christmas gift.

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    1. We’ve become much more aware of those in our community who are struggling – if we all gave just one thing, then surely we could make a huge difference to those in need.


    1. Isn’t it shocking that homelessness is still a thing in the 21st century in a First World country? Even more shocking to me is the fact that approximately 45% of London’s homeless are military veterans.


  2. Our son is now working for an organisation which co ordinates the charities involved in homelessness so this subject has become very close to our hearts this year, I honestly did not realise just how huge the problem is.
    I have tried to put a couple of items in the food bank box at our local Tesco every time I shop there and feel it is so sad that so many people are reliant on these facilities.
    Your post is a timely reminder that there are many ways to do a little extra to help those in need.

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