Road Trip to Normandy | The 6×8 Travel Journal

As with the two other 6×8 travel journals from our travels this year, I created all the foundation pages before we went to Normandy. And just like with those other journals, I used Project Life style cards from In a Creative Bubble.

Album spine damaged either at the wholesaler or en route to the stockist.

I began with a simple introduction.

I let the photos determine the stories I wanted to tell.

And I’ve ended up with 21 pocket pages (42 sides).

The majority of the journaling was added during the trip, usually after supper, at the same time The Boy Child was writing in his holiday diary. The quotation about the D-Day beaches is from Say Goodbye To It All by Chris de Burgh.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip to Normandy | The 6×8 Travel Journal

  1. This looks wonderful – not just photos but your feelings and thoughts about it all too, which makes it more meaningful. I haven’t thought of that Chris de Burgh song for ages but now have it in my head :). I am sure it will be such a super thing for your young man too, to look back on when he is older and the memories are fainter.

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