Month in Numbers | November 2019

As we begin one of my favourite months of the year, let’s look back and see how November’s numbers looked:

My biggest daily step count for the month was a whopping 24,698.

I swam 360 lengths of the pool at the gym.

I donated 8 bags of clothes and books to the charity shop.

I sent 5 pieces of Happy Mail and wrote 2 letters as part of my Year of Thanking project.

I created 12 scrapbook pages – a mix of traditional and TN.

Miss Tilly turned one and went out for a walk 69 times.

I wrote and addressed 54 Christmas cards, and wrapped 11 Christmas presents.

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

8 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | November 2019

  1. I’m impressed by your Christmas organisation! Writing the cards always takes longer than expected doesn’t it?
    Happy birthday to Miss Tilly – that year has flown!

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  2. There are some very impressive numbers in there – walking and swimming for starters. And you’ve made a super headstart on the Christmas cards. That’s a lovely layout; I do like the way the numbers stand out, and that you have handwriting on the page … and some great photos. I can’t believe how grown-up (and like you!) your young man is.


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