Tilly’s Family Reunion

Miss Tilly celebrated her first birthday recently and what better way to mark the occasion that to join a family get-together in London.

On a sunny but chilly Sunday afternoon, we gathered at Chiswick House and Gardens. All seven puppies plus mum and dad. It was all rather chaotic, as well as being rather lovely. The familial bond in dogs must be strong because they all definitely recognised each other.

We even managed a family photo.

We’ve all agreed to meet up again, but when it’s a bit warmer …

7 thoughts on “Tilly’s Family Reunion

  1. OH what a fun idea & was there cake & tea afterwards … cannot celebrate a birthday without some cake. Which were the Mum & which is Dad? Is Mum at the end with TBC?

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    1. Tilly’s dad is on the right of the lady in the wheelchair, mum on the right of him. The pup near TBC is Tilly’s twin brother. 🙂 No cake, but the puppies did each receive a party bag!


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