GoGo Getaway Weekend

In late October, The Best Friend and I headed off for a weekend at GoGo Getaway and we returned to the same hotel we’d stayed in last June. We’re marking 30 years of friendship this month and a weekend away together spent scrapbooking seemed like the perfect anniversary present.

The hotel is currently in the middle of a renovation and the general consensus was that it wasn’t going well – too much confusion about what exactly they were trying to achieve. The food, however, was plentiful and the crop room an ideal size.

And those two things are pretty much all you need at a weekend crop, wouldn’t you say?

7 thoughts on “GoGo Getaway Weekend

  1. I would say you did have all you needed for the weekend; friends, good lighting & space for creating, food that was yummy & plentiful, and a nice location for those moments that require a stretch & change of position. All certainly seemed to have been achieved in Nourishing yourself & your friendship(s).

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