Red Cross Parcels

The ideal student Red Cross parcel

One of the younger members of the family has just started university. He’s made the break from home and is spending his first year in Halls. In order to help him settle and increase his chances of making friends outside of his course mates, I sent him a Red Cross parcel recently.

Two packets of biscuits should help him break the ice with his neighbours over a mug of tea. I mean, everyone likes a chocolate Hobnob, don’t they? What you can’t see in the parcel is a gift voucher for a pizza chain – a pizza chain that announced the very next day after I’d purchased said gift token that they were in financial difficulties. And guess what? No refunds on gift cards. I advised him to try and use it as quickly as possible.

What didn’t make it into the parcel was a loo roll, but only because it wouldn’t fit. My friend’s son, who has also just left home for university, has already asked his mum if she knew how expensive loo roll was …

What items would you put in a Red Cross parcel?

4 thoughts on “Red Cross Parcels

  1. What a good Auntie you are for sending such a treat box, lots of tasty goodies. I have been working on a feel better gift box for a friend … I’ve included pink fluffy bed socks, hand cream, lip balm, hot chocolate packs & a bag of mini marshmallows & her favourite chocolate bar, along with a specialty, you can only dream, magazine that she likes.

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  2. What a lovely idea – I’m sure that every single thing in that box was very much appreciated.
    Funny how when they have to shop for themselves they suddenly realise just how expensive the essentials are! My kids always appreciated a Sainsbury’s gift voucher, especially at the end of term when the student loan had almost run out.

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