Month in Numbers | October 2019

Was October a good month? Let’s see what the numbers say:

4 nights in Bayeux.

We celebrated 14 years of marriage.

7 bunches of flowers were given as gifts by me. Some marked an occasion, some were just because.

A round-trip of 666 miles driven from West London to Bayeux, Normandy.

19,759 steps walked by me on my busiest day of the month.

2 nights at Gogo Getaway saw me take 5 classes and completing 7 LOs. (It’s always a great weekend for inspiring creativity.) Which meant that I created 14 LOs for the month.

I took Tilly for a walk 43 times.

330 lengths of the pool.

19 pieces of Happy Mail sent and 3 thank-you letters written.

1 new passport.

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

6 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | October 2019

  1. It looks like October was a very good month! Belated happy anniversary wishes to you both. That is a very impressive amount of crafting done at your GoGo Getaway – how lovely to have two solid days of crafting!

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