Catching Up With Sian

Imagine my delight when my phone pinged one Sunday evening and I saw that I had received a text from the fabulous Sian of much missed From High in the Sky blog. She was going to be in London and did I want to meet … what?! There was no way I wasn’t going to meet her … and the advantage of being self-employed meant that I could rejig things to make it happen.

Still working on achieving a good selfie …

We met at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, because that’s as good a place as any. I decided that we couldn’t spend all the time together chatting over tea and cake, so I purchased tickets for the Mary Quant exhibition (but more of that early next week).

Selfie, take 2

As we perused the dresses, there was talk of family, small businesses, scrapbooking (and the lack of) and the telling of stories (and the lack of). The time passed all too soon, but seeing Sian gave me such a boost. A boost I hadn’t realised I was in need of.

We left each other with promises of not leaving it so long next time. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to make it happen.

10 thoughts on “Catching Up With Sian

  1. I am so pleased (and more than a little envious!) that you got to have such a lovely day with Sian. Isn’t it lovely that blog friendships can last even when the blogging comes to an end – I don’t suppose there is ANY chance she’ll return? From the photo it looks as if she is wearing one of her beautiful hand knitted jumpers – running a wool shop is definitely the right job for her! A trip to Ireland definitely needs to be on your 2020 To Do list.

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  2. Oh how absolutely lovely to catch up live & in person & what a fun activity to share with Sian. And now that you are an Irish citizen complete with passport, does it make a jaunt over easier ?

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