OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

A few more spreads have been added to my One Little Word traveler’s notebook.

Becoming Irish was always going in there:

Gold shamrock covers my personal details

As was the road trip to Luxembourg for the wedding:

And, obviously, the wedding:

I have room for just more 5 spreads in the traveler’s notebook, and it is already coming apart because it is so fat and bulky … which I love.

8 thoughts on “OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

  1. It’s so wonderful to have this memories captured. I chuckled at your last comment; “fat & bulky … which I love” it only adds to the joy of the book.

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  2. You will have to try out your new passport when you go to visit Sian!
    A true traveler’s notebook should never close – it should be absolutely packed full of memories, just like yours is.

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