Embarrassing Your Offspring

I read this fun post recently on the Cup of Jo blog and was prompted to read through the 100s of comments before leaving my own. I think that being embarrassed by your parents, or any adult, is something of a rite of passage. And one that we then do to our own children.


The Boy Child doesn’t really like me singing (I’m not that bad, honestly), particularly in public. It’s not something I do often, the singing in public, but occasionally I’ll have an ear worm (“Welcome to the Rock!“) or begin singing along to a song playing in a coffee shop.

There was a time a few years ago where he was so embarrassed by my singing along to Adele, he punched me in the mouth to make me stop. We were in a branch of Starbucks in Central London at the time.

These days, I still sing and when he comments, I tell him it’s my job as his mother to embarrass him … and if we’re in a coffee shop, I keep him at arm’s length.

What do you do that embarrasses your children/younger members of the family?

4 thoughts on “Embarrassing Your Offspring

  1. Oh ouch a punch in the mouth – that must have hurt. I do not recall any specific moments of childhood embarrassment but I’m going to go read the article & find out what constitutes an embarrassing moment (or two).

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