A Family Likeness

The likeness was so startlingly obvious that I actually gasped.

I grew up being told “you look just like your mum!” At the Lakeland Wedding in July, the groom’s brother called me Maggie, which gave me something of a moment (although I was grateful he hadn’t called me Auntie Maggie).

I’m used to that. I see Mum every time I glance in the mirror when I’m brushing my teeth.

But what I’m not used to is seeing myself looking exactly like my paternal grandmother in both posture and facial expression. We’re like two peas in a pod.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

6 thoughts on “A Family Likeness

  1. That is remarkable! And I see those same characteristics showing in pictures of TBC too.
    My mum definitely stares back at me when I look in the mirror – and sometimes I hear her voice when I open my mouth 😉

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  2. It is amazing how much you do look like your Mum, & your resemble to your to paternal Gran is uncanny. And yes that family resemblance is showing in TBC. I think I’m a blend of my parents, but lately there seems to be a bit more of my Mum coming through.

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