Photography Scavenger Hunt 2019 | Link #3

The lovely Mary Lou of Patio Postcards is hosting the annual Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt again this year. Hop on over to her blog to see who else is joining in.

Here are my final finds:

#7: A curving path:

Path around Horse Shoe Pond – 25 August 2019

#9: A bridge:

Luxembourg City – 18 August 2019

#10: Something made of stone:

Furness Abbey (built form sandstone) – 13 July 2019

#11: Fish:

Sign outside fish restaurant, Luxembourg City – 18 August 2019

#12: Something crooked:

15: A broken chair/bench/stool: (thinking outside the box)

Repurposed chair, Osterley House – 11 August 2019

#16: An out of season treat being enjoyed:

My God-Daughter enjoying a hot chocolate at RIAT – 20 July 2019

#19: A funny or meaningful bumper sticker: this is my weakest find by far.

Country identification sticker – Calais, 19 August 2019

Alternate A: Bird or bee house:

Bird boxes, Osterley House – 11 August 2019

Alternate B: Fresh local produce:

Portobello Road Market – 21 August 2019

A huge thank you to Mary Lou for hosting such a tremendous Scavenger Hunt this Summer!

11 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt 2019 | Link #3

  1. Love that crooked house! I had forgotten that today was the last link up – oops I need to get going! I have a feeling anyone joining in with this will struggle with the bumper sticker. How lucky I was to nearly be knocked over by that nun in a mobility scooter otherwise I don’t think I’d have found one.

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  2. Thanks Ruth for joining into the search in SPSH. Great finds; like that crooked house; lol at thinking outside the box, it’s a bench for plants; oh that bridge!; the ruins & what a view; naiedl bee & bird houses in one.

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