The Boy Child’s Completed Summer Journal

The beginning

The Boy Child and I did a great job with his Summer Journal. He finished up with ten 12×12 Project Life pocket pages (Design A) documenting what, it has to be said, was a pretty good Summer.

The end

I think The Boy Child’s teacher might have been a little surprised to receive an email from me asking him not to mark any of the pages in any way, but who wants scrapbook pages with the teacher’s comments or ticks all over them?

When pressed on what his teacher had thought of our hard work The Boy Child replied, “He said it was fine.”

4 thoughts on “The Boy Child’s Completed Summer Journal

  1. Well done TBC & Ruth. This is an amazing memory project that will, for years, be looked at. I wonder if next summer, even if not a school project, will TBC want to do another summer journal. Who knows, with a little promoting to the school, you might have a project of teaching the kids in that form, just before summer break, how to do a summer photo journal; as a T/N, OR a 6X8 or 12×12 … they say scrap booking is making a come back!

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    1. This was his third year of completing a Project Life style summer journal, so I am hopeful of being able to persuade him to continue next year, and the year after that … certainly while he is still at school.


  2. Fine? Fine?!!!! It’s brilliant! I wonder what the teacher actually said? It really is a fun way to do a school project and hopefully meant that he didn’t need too much ‘encouragement’ to complete it!

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