Summer Check List | How We Did

I had five things on my Summer Check List at the beginning of the Summer holidays … here’s how we got on with them:

Try a new ice cream flavour: During a walk in Notting Hill, The Boy Child surprised me by requesting salted caramel ice cream (the only other options available were vanilla or chocolate).

Watch a film from when I was a girl: I was all for introducing The Boy Child to the magic that is Grease. Didn’t happen.

Put The Boy Child in charge of the photography for a day: Ok, so it might not have been for a whole day, but there were several times where I gave my iPhone X or my dSLR to The Boy Child and asked him to take the shot. He did a good job.

Have a guilt-free at home day: We didn’t have too many of these, but of the ones we did have, they were fairly successful. Of course, an at home day means that Tilly still needs a walk and the Summer journal still needs to be completed.

Ignore the bed time routine for once: The Boy Child’s bedtime routine was fairly relaxed throughout the Summer, but I did give him the choice of choosing his own bedtime once. He chose the night we attended our second wedding of the Summer and went to bed at 00.45 hours.

4 thoughts on “Summer Check List | How We Did

  1. It sounds like a pretty good summer & we your readers certainly benefited with all the great photos & posts. When TBC gets back to class to share his summer journal, he’s not going to be one of those students that says to the teacher “check my F/B page” (lol).

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