Green London

We are fortunate to live in a particularly green bit of suburban West London. We have 27 acres of Common at the end of our road and are in easy walking distance of three great parks.

Here’s a few green facts and figures you may not know about our capital city:

Did you know that London became the world’s first National Park City in July of this year?

Forty seven per cent of London is green (parks, gardens, woodlands).

Nine to ten per cent of London is domestic buildings.

Twelve per cent of the city is made up of roads.

Two point five per cent is blue (ponds, canals, rivers, lakes).

Twenty seven point five per cent is everything else.

Three point eight million gardens, covering 24% of the capital.

One thousand kilometres of signed footpaths.

Eight point three million trees, from woods to street trees.

Facts and figures were taken from the current edition of The Simple Things magazine.

6 thoughts on “Green London

  1. Those are impressive numbers. Thankfully your previous city planners were forward thinking, visionaries that understand the importance of being green & people’s need to connect with a piece of nature. Maybe London isn’t the Big Smoke any more. We now have laws in place that mandate a certain amount of open green space when any new community is built/expanded – we call them subdivisions. The builders take it right to the very inch/centimeter because giving up green space for nothing (no houses) means no dollars in their pockets.

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    1. Here in London, most new developments seem to be blocks of luxury flats, with little regard for building an actual community of schools, shops, parks, etc …


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