Slow Summer #4 | Freddie’s House

Keeping our Summer Check List in mind and the idea of a slow summer, The Boy Child and I spent a hour or so tracking down Freddie Mercury‘s former home in Logan Place, Kensington … because, why not?

Garden Lodge, 1 Logan Place, Kensington

After Freddie’s death, the mansion (for that is what is behind the high walls) passed to his long-time friend (and former girlfriend), Mary Austin. From the time of Freddie’s death in 1991 until late 2017 the wall and gate seen above were permanently covered in graffiti, photos and the like – all left by fans as a makeshift shrine. The press reported in 2017 that Mary Austin was tired of the mess and the constant crowd outside her home. She has had the walls cleaned and treated with anti-vandal paint, and the door is now completely covered in perspex. The height of the boundary wall has also increased somewhat.

Anyone home?

So, given that no obvious sign of Freddie remains, we had a little photography fun before moving aside to allow the half dozen or so Queen fans loitering behind us to take their photos. Each and every one of them copied The Boy Child’s pose and pretended to ring the bell. Sorry about that, Mary …

BTW, Freddie Mercury bought the house for £500,000 in 1985; it’s now worth somewhere around the £20M mark.

The house that Freddie lived in when he first came to the UK with his family is in Feltham and marked with a blue plaque.

5 thoughts on “Slow Summer #4 | Freddie’s House

  1. I can understand why Mary may have become fed up with mess and crowds! I am pleased you managed to locate it though, just imagine the people who have walked through that gate over the years that he lived there.

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