The 6×8 Summer Travel Album

Summer travels are afoot and, as with our stay in Guernsey, I’m recording the details of our holiday in a pre-prepped 6×8 album full of pocket pages.

I began by printing a selection of journaling cards (purchased from In A Creative Bubble) and mounting them on either blue or yellow cardstock.

I varied the pocket pages – some 6×8, some with two 6×4 pockets, some with four 3×4 pockets.

I stuffed pockets with sequins and stitched them closed.

I was able to complete the album’s foundation pages by working on it when The Boy Child worked on his Summer Journal. Now all I need to do is to enjoy our overseas road trip, take a ton of photos and begin filling these pockets.

4 thoughts on “The 6×8 Summer Travel Album

  1. Those pockets are just crying out for the photos to be added! I love how you get organised before the trip so that recording the memories as soon as you are back is easier. How is TBC’s journal coming along?

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  2. Oh how very exciting to be preparing for an overseas adventure … per chance is this also with the prep for the dual passport?!?!? I like the quotes on many of those cards, especially the long narrow one. I shall borrow please & thank you. (col).

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