The Wheels Go Round | Revisited

Back in 2014, I wrote three posts where I mentioned The Boy Child’s difficulties with learning to ride a bike without stabilisers (you can find them here, here and here). So you might now think that I’m about to tell you that The Boy Child is fully-fledged on two wheels.

Not so.

But we might have found a third way.

During our recent visit to Osterley Park, we noticed that there were adapted bikes for hire – trikes and side-by-sides – at a very reasonable price of £3 for two hours. The Boy Child was keen to try a trike and we were keen to encourage him.

Watching The Boy Child have a fun time trying to keep up with Tilly made me realise something. I shouldn’t be embarrassed that he still can’t ride a bike. He’s not and in the grand scheme of things, what does it matter?

6 thoughts on “The Wheels Go Round | Revisited

  1. I really don’t think not being able to ride a bike without stabilisers is going to hold him back in life! Looks like he was having a lot of fun in the park chasing after Tilly, those trikes are a great idea.

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  2. Yeah for TBC finding his way on a bike. There’s lots of “adult” 3 wheel bikes about as well as motorcycles with 3 wheels, although let’s hope NOT for a motorcycle. I like, if there’s a will there’s a way …

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