She Came From a Land Down Under

You know you must have done something right when someone from Australia gets in touch to say they’ll be in London and wants to meet up. The young lady in question is the grand daughter of Mum’s penfriend, Kay, and I haven’t seen her since The Brainy One and I visited Australia in 2005.

We arranged to meet her and her fiancé (Wait! Wasn’t she just 10-years-old?) at Kew Gardens.

Despite not having seen her in almost 14 years, we picked up where we’d left off. We weren’t stuck for conversation at all. The Boy Child enjoyed finally meeting someone he’d so much about and there are now tentative plans in place for us to head Down Under in the near(ish) future.

She also brought me the most amazing gift (with her family’s blessing) … a box containing all the letters Mum wrote to her grandmother.

12 thoughts on “She Came From a Land Down Under

  1. What a wonderful gift to bring with her – I’m sure you’ll love reading them, how lovely that she kept them all. Isn’t it great when friendships go on with the next generation?

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    1. We’re on the third generation already … amazing!
      I’ve already dipped in a few letters at random – read about things I didn’t know (because I was a child back then) and also discovered what I was like as a six-year-old … stay tuned!


  2. This is so amazing that there is still that connection years & generations on. It is just something that stories are written about … and now those letters come into your hands!!!! If I feel this excited for you, I can only imagine what you are feeling.

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  3. There’s a book there, I can smell it! the letters should be transcribed and then put in an archive depository – records office and you should write a book about it

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  4. Glad you all had a wonderful day. I am extremely jealous and will make that trip myself before too long. I bet Maggie and Mum didn’t see their letters or friendship lasting generations. Love to you all xxx

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