Four Fun Things

I received a thank you note thanking me for my thank you note … love that!

The calla lily I received as a pot plant and replanted outside about five years ago has finally flowered.

When Harry Met Sally is thirty years old! How is that even possible?

There’s no such thing as too much time spent book browsing.

Always the book lover

4 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. Four fabulous things & all on a Tuesday. That Calla Lily is very pretty & I totally agree, about book browsing (or reading for that matter).

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  2. How lovely that the studio responded to your thank you note, that was a lovely surprise. I’ve never tried to plant an indoor lily plant outside, it’s great to see that they will survive and go on to flower another day!
    Love that picture of TBC – in his happy place! My son was exactly the same at that age, nowadays his lounge looks a little like a pop up Waterstones shop 😉

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