London Calling

The London Eye

The Boy Child and I spent an afternoon and evening recently playing at being tourists in our city. As part of my plan to do a few more simple things this summer, I booked a room at my club for one night – a not-quite-a-staycation, if you will.

We strolled along the South Bank while eating ridiculously expensive ice cream …

Mr Whippy

Posed for photos on Charing Cross bridge …


And ate pizza for supper …

Make ours Margaritas

It was the same-but-different and we had a lot of fun doing the tourist thing – score one for making the simple seem exciting.

8 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. That does sound like a fun adventure, exploring London as a tourist. Oh yum to that pizza. I’m intrigued to know more about a club that you can book rooms in.

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    1. My club is run for military personnel – both currently serving and veterans. It’s basically a hotel – rooms, restaurant, bar, gym, etc.


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