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A golden carpet

The Summer holidays are here.

I have our summer planner drawn up.

But this year, in addition to the usual round of museums, air shows and foreign travel, I’m adding in a few more low-key things. Things that are simple, easy to achieve and, hopefully, a lot of fun:

Try a new ice-cream flavour: The Boy Child always, always, always chooses strawberry flavour or, if it’s not available, vanilla. I reckon his taste buds might just like raspberry cheesecake or mint choc chip flavours …

Watch a film from when I was a girl: The Boy Child is more than ready to discover the thrill and excitement that is Grease.

Put The Boy Child in charge of the photography for a day: this is so easy to achieve, I wonder why I haven’t considered it before. (Probably because I wasn’t prepared to let him loose with either my dSLR or my iPhone X…)

Have a guilt-free at home day: I dislike the feeling we should always ‘do’ something every day in the holidays. What if our thing was to simply stay at home, in our pjs and watch a film in the middle of the day?

Ignore the bed time routine for once: It might be fun to let The Boy Child choose his own bedtime for once. We could take Tilly for an evening walk. We could sit in the garden and try bat spotting. We could go to the pub.

What’s on your list for Summer?

14 thoughts on “Summer Check List | With a Difference

  1. I like your Summer Plans. I agree that sometimes having nothing planned is good for body, mind & soul. For me it sometimes is when I get the most creative. I put things our our Summer Manifesto that include some simple things, like try a new cafe, eat on a restaurant’s patio … I’m adding try a new flavour of ice cream for both Mr Man & myself … that raspberry cheesecake flavour does sound yummy.

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  2. relaxing the bedtime routine will be a learning experience. I remember my lot the first summer after their father left – he with the rigid rules and the stick to enforce them. We spent three weeks in scotland camping with my cousin and they revelled in the freedom and after the first day never ever abused it. It taught me to trust. Seeing how he copes with the relaxation will be so interesting

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  3. Your last idea reminds me of something a friend did when her children were small. They were all struggling to sleep in the heat so she packed up a night time picnic which they took to the local park, and they sat there eating and watching the stars. Even though her children are now grown up it’s one of their happy memories.
    I agree, you don’t have to have something big planned every day, sometimes it’s the little things that are the most fun.

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