Lakeland Wedding

We took a road trip North recently in order to attend the wedding of the-friend-who-is-like-my-brother.

The groom and Lola

The Boy Child wore a three-piece suit for the first time and, even though I say it myself, looked very dapper and grown up.

Sharp dressed man

Yours truly gave her new dress its second outing (and I don’t mind admitting that as my arms were on show, I’ve been doing repetitive sets of arm dips off the side of the bath. The muscle definition has yet to become more obvious. Haha.)

All dressed up

The wedding itself was lovely and the bride was beautiful.

Mr and Mrs

It was the first outdoor wedding I’ve ever been to and we were lucky with the weather (which can’t be guaranteed in the Lakes in July).

A perfect setting

Did you spot the continuation of the flamingo theme? Scroll back up and check out the groom’s tie …

Pretty in pink

The wedding was very much in the style of the couple – a venue with meaning to them, the touches of flamingo chic (it’s a thing), the small number of guests and speeches from the heart.

It was a wonderful day.

13 thoughts on “Lakeland Wedding

  1. How lucky you were with the weather! It looks like a perfect wedding in beautiful surroundings. TBC looks so grown up in his suit – very smart. Your dress is fabulous and those shoes are absolutely beautiful – I definitely have shoe envy now!

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    1. Both my dress and shoes are from Boden and here’s the thing … 1) I can’t decide if the dress actually suits me and 2) I was in my flip flops by late afternoon!
      I do love them, though!


  2. Cheers to love & a weather perfect day to celebrate it all. Oh my TBC does ideed look a sharpe dressed young man! I agree with Deb, your dress & shoes are fabulous

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