Gifford’s Circus | Revisited

With autism, there is a love of the familiar, of patterns and routine. There is also the risk that it becomes a case of been there, done that. I ummed and aahed for quite a while before purchasing tickets for Giffords Circus and then decided the two of us who wanted to go again this year outweighed the one who didn’t.

It was the correct call.

The Circus was camped again at Chiswick House and Gardens, just a few miles from home and easily accessible on public transport.

The Big Top

This year’s show is called Xanadu and is set in a psychedelic era of the 1970s. The performers all dress in hideous ’70s fashion and the music is stylised versions of ’70s classic pop songs.

The Havana Circus Company

In short, the show was brilliantly bonkers! As I wrote last year, it was superb:  a kaleidoscope of colour, glorious handmade costumes, homemade sets and backdrops, and a marvellous menagerie of animals.  In short, in was a most magical 90 minutes.

And what of that one of us who wasn’t keen on a repeat performance? He. Loved. It

The UK tour runs until the end of September.

You can read about last year’s visit here.

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