The 100 Day Project | The End

Taken as a whole, I loved this project. I missed just one day out of the 100 and didn’t stress about it. Three of my five targeted projects were finished (and I’m seriously glad to have The History Project done and dusted) and the remaining two are further along than they were 100 days ago.

I kept a note of how I tracked my progress by drawing up a simple grid in my Get to Work ® book and each day I noted what I’d worked on and ticked it off. It really was that simple.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed being creative every day of the last 100 99 days … will you join in with the 100 Day Project next year?

10 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | The End

  1. I love the thought of it, but have a sneaky feeling that I may not have your dedication to keep it going. The Sentence a Day meme that I do only needs me to miss a couple of days and I struggle to get back on track! You’ve completed some great projects during these last 3 months and you must feel such a sense of achievement to know you stuck it out, especially when you have had holidays in that time and the perfect excuse to use the phrase ‘oh I’m too tired to do that today, I’ll catch up when I get home’!

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    1. The only day I missed was when I flew back from NYC in early May. As I wrote in reply to Mary-Lou, the keep is keep the daily creative aspect short – around 10 minutes or so. You could use your quilting and knitting designs …


  2. What an achievement, Ruth! Your family (and probably many others you know nothing of) will be fascinated by the story of your life. Can you imagine the value to social historians in a hundred years or so? I know that’s not why you did it but it’s a phenomenal document to have completed nevertheless. I so admire your dedication and determination to see it through so consistently.

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    1. Thanks very much! Don’t forget that the 100 Day Project was the push I needed to finish the History Project … I began it back in 2015!


  3. Well done you. I like your idea of the grid to keep track. Tackling any project can seem overwhelming at first, but when broken down into small bits, it seems doable. I use something similar for sticking to a new routine & habit building. I would like to say yes to joining you next year on the 100 Day Project … I’ve already put it in the diary (in pencil (col))

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    1. I’m already giving some thought to next year’s project and I think the key is keep each daily piece of creativity no more than 10 minutes – it definitely worked for me! And I do hope you’ll join in next year!


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