A Year of Thanking | 2nd Quarter Review

I’ll be honest here … I lost some of my enthusiasm for this project after I began this year’s 100 Day Project. That said, I’ve written 10 letters over the last three months. Less than the first quarter, but still a reasonable total.

All were delivered by the Royal Mail.

I wrote three letters to people outside of my circle of friends – my orthodontist and the two ladies who travel trained The Boy Child.

I wrote a letter to an organisation (I addressed the envelope to the General Manager).

The furthest a letter went (I think it might have actually been a postcard) was to Texas.

One person wrote a letter back.

Just two of the nine have not been in touch – the orthodontist and a friend made through the early years of blogging.

My original goal was to write at least one letter a week. I’ve already fallen short of that target, but I still hope to reach a final number of around 50 by the end of the year.

10 thoughts on “A Year of Thanking | 2nd Quarter Review

  1. There’s still a lot of time to catch up! Receiving a proper letter or postcard is so unusual nowadays, I think this is such a lovely idea. Remember that time Sian organised the postcard exchange? That was a fun thing to participate in.

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  2. I think this has been such a worthwhile project & a great reminder for us all to formally say thank you. Having started making cards I started back to sending birthday cards to those in my circle as I’ve never been a big supporter that a text message or F/B post is the same. I’ve sent a few thank yous to some on behalf of our church, our pastoral care team, to thank members of the congregation for the work they do on behalf of the church. Lots of “not necessary” but trust me the smiles those thank yous created were necessary. Your thank you movement may be planting seeds where you least expect. Thank you.

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  3. I think it’s a lovely project, and you will have brought lots of smiles and cheer to the lucky recipients :). And if tyou decide to organise a postcard exchange, I’m up for that …

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  4. Ten notes is way better than none. Your thank you project has caused me to consider how i could do something like this. Please try to follow through as I find it very interesting.

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