Pitstone Windmill

We took a run out into the English countryside recently to visit the beautiful Pitstone Windmill, which dates from the 17th Century (visitors can see the date 1627 carved into a wooden beam).

Now belonging to the National Trust, the design of the mill is what is known as a post mill, which means the whole superstructure of the mill rests on one main post. This post rises from ground level through brick and a foundation chamber; the post then acts as a pivot for the timber built structure above with the sails. 

Given when it was built, the windmill is an engineering marvel. In a time where the majority of Britons couldn’t read or write, that there was someone who could imagine, design and built such a structure is mind blowing.

9 thoughts on “Pitstone Windmill

  1. That is truly an amazing feat of engineering. It’s like some of the Roman roads or bridges, they are still standing but what about the creations of the 21st century, those roads & bridges take repairing yearly, not that Canada has any Roman roads … Pretty countryside.

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