Guernsey | The 6×8 Album

Even though our stay in Guernsey was just for a few days, I knew that there would be a lot of photos and ephemera; too many for the mini traveler’s notebooks I’ve been using this year. Inspired by a post on the In a Creative Bubble blog, I went with a 6×8 album from Simple Stories. I thought the extra width/space would be useful since I had a lot of  tickets, business cards, etc that I wanted to include. 

I’ve used a varied selection of pocket pages from several manufacturers, making my own 3×8 pocket by simply stitching down the page and cutting off the excess.

I thought the postcards would add extra visual interest to the album, so I stuck them back-to-back on a 6×8 pocket, which I then filled with sequins and stitched closed.

Virtually all of the printables came from the online shop at In A Creative Bubble and I’d done a lot of the foundation pages before we went away.

When making travel mini-books like this one, my goal is always on the stories, photos, and memorabilia. I don’t experiment with a lot of creative techniques, because I want to highlight the photographs and keep the album fairly simple and clean.

The album has 15 double page spreads and I have just two pieces of journaling to add (but don’t forget that I wrote a lot of the journaling at the end of each day we were away).

I can recommend both the blog and Instagram account of In A Creative Bubble.

10 thoughts on “Guernsey | The 6×8 Album

  1. Oh I do like this album, you’ve done fantastic artistic work on this … I like your idea of making your own pages & the adding of the bling to some. I think this is my new favourite travel record of your adventures. Now to check out In A Creative Bubble.

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  2. Your thoughtful prepping and recording while you were away has paid dividends – great to have the album almost completed so quickly. I will have a little look at your links – thank-you!

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  3. What a great idea to do some of the groundwork before you went, makes it quicker to do all the fun bits when you are back and suddenly you have a finished project. This looks like a perfect sized album for a short break holiday – the first of many?!

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